Car Paint Checking Swirl Finder Light Pen

Swirl Finder Light illuminates swirls that the naked eye cannot see, making it easier to track your progress as you work towards creating a swirl-free finish! The Swirl Finder Light is a valuable tool for detailers and anyone passionate about a perfect paint finish.

Door Handle Protection Film

This protective vinyl film protects the door handle from scrapes, nail scratches and sand, grease, salt; it remains invisible and preserves the paintwork around the car door handle. It is a durable and transparent professional urethane film (paint protection film). It is Self Adhesive and Pre-cut to fit the door handle cup. Easy to install and remove without residue.

Non-slip Stainless Heel Pad

Non-slip Stainless Heel Pad Car Foot Rest Pedal Plate Floor Specification: Name: Car Foot Pedal Color: Black, Beige, Brown Materials: Rubber+Stainless Steel Quantity: 1 pc Fitment: For universal car Features -It is easy to install. -wear-resistant, handsome in appearance, sophisticated technology, sense of comfort foot. -There is a non-slip effect protruding, but also a buffer for the foot force. Note Package Included 1 x Car Foot Pedal

Auto Brite Magic Block Pet Hair Remover

Removes pet hair and other debris from upholstery and carpet

More Options Available

Grit Guard

Car Wash Grit Guard Insert Washboard Bucket Filter

Gen'l Purpose Long Handle- Soft

Gen'l Purpose Long Handle- Soft

Auto Magic 6" Backing Plate

Auto Magic branded 6” backing plate.

NexDiag Blue Professional Paint Gauge

TheNexPTG Professional is the most advanced model of the gauge, allowing you to make precise measurements including on curved surfaces.

Medium Clay Mit

This towel allows for the safe and easy removal of contaminants, paint over spray, and brake dust from the surface of your paint, glass, vinyl, and plastics.

Towel Bin Organizer for Small/Medium Bins 1 Pack Gray

Baffle Bag Insert For Small/Medium Bins Approximately 17 Gallon Towel Organizer 2 Section Divider Color Coded Tabs