Angelwax Enigma AIO All In One Compound 1000ml

Angelwax Enigma AIO compound combines the medium cut on Regenerate, with the ceramic wax properties of the world-renowned Enigma into an All-In-One compound that will quickly change the industry standard.

KochChemie F601 Fine Cut 1L

Intelligent machine polish of the latest generation with unique aluminum oxide quality. The intelligent grain size ensures very quick, complete removal of wash system scratches and similar traces of use and gives the paintwork a long-lasting deep sheen. Sanding marks left behind by 2500 grade sanding media are removed effortlessly. Fine Cut F6.01 is therefore ideally suited for perfect reconditioning of medium to heavily weathered paintwork. Perfectly coordinated for the treatment of scratch-proof paint.

Ballistic Max Cut Compound

Ballistic Compound is a max cutting heavy-duty compound designed to provide sufficient cutting capabilities for use on harder paint finishes and gel coat

Angelwax Redemption Ultra Fine Finishing Compound 1000ml

Angelwax Redemption Ultra Fine High Gloss Finishing Compound is suitable for all types of paint and has been formulated to remove holograms and fine scratches.

Auto Magic GS-1 Color Restorer 16 oz

GS-1™ Color and Gloss Restorer is designed to revive the original luster to lightly oxidized paint. Also great for removing medium scratches. Clearcoat safe. May be applied by hand or a variable speed polisher. Works well with wool or foam pads