American Detailer Garage Wipeout Rinseless Concentrate 1 Gal

Wipeout is an eco friendly rinse free solution that offer a myriad of cleaning options. From exteriors to interiors. This product is safe on all surfaces.

Bead Maker Paint Protectant 1 Gal

Spray Allied Cured protection Long Lasting Shine Highly Hydrophobic Extremely Easy to Use

American Detailer Garage F-Bomb Concentrate 1 Gal

-Bomb is a highly concentrated, true multi-purpose cleaner. Its unique soap- based formula makes F-Bomb extremely versatile for many cleaning tasks. Clean engines and tires as well as interior plastics, upholstery, including coated leather. F-Bomb can be used o paint as a presoak to breakdown stubborn dirt and road buildup and even bugs! It is the only multi-purpose cleaner that can aslo be used as a wet sanding lubricant.

Auto Magic Watermelon Magic Mist 1 gal

Now Better Than Ever! Watermelon Magic Mist™ adds instant high gloss to clearcoat paint, chrome, wheels and painted plastic panels. Fortified with even more carnauba wax, it’s ideal for use between regular waxing to enhance the original shine. A must have for the showroom! Great for removing light dust, fingerprints and smudges. Water-based formula. VOC Compliant.

Auto Magic Tornado Magic Liquid Interior Cleaner 1 gal

Auto Magic Tornado Magic is a ready to use interior cleaner that won't leave a residue.

Auto Magic Cool- Dress It 1 gal

Cool Dress-It is a water-based Silicone Dressing. It is great for Interior and Exterior surfaces. Cool Dress-It is stain resistant and can be used on tires, rubber moldings and more. when diluted it can be used to restore the original luster on vinyl upholstery, dashboards, air vent and other components.

Auto Magic XP Cool Blue 1 gal

XP Cool Blue™ is a premium water-based dressing that will dress any exterior molding, tire, vinyl and bumpers. It has the shine and durability of any solvent-based dressing, making it the perfect VOC compliant dressing. It is also safe and effective as an interior dressing. Disperses water better than any current water or solvent-based dressing