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4.1 Effective Vinyl & Plastics restorer 500 ml

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QP-ON 4.1 is a special formula to protect and seal surfaces made of vinyl and/or plastics. The surface structure of vinyl – in chemistry known as ethenyl – requires a special treatment, because of the underlying chemical composition. This element is part of vinyl chloride and the sealing process needs to take into consideration the chemical structure of this material. QP-ON 4.1 is a unique solution to maintain and protect the complex structure of this material.

Plastic components have for a long time been a challenge in the world of surface protection. The components – derivatives from oil and carbon – are treated, molded and transformed into all kinds of modern materials. The surface is often treated chemically and the rough structure, makes cleaning and sealing a problem. QP-ON 4.1 is a new solution to an old problem. The special formula will now also protect plastics and plastic components and provide the same protective measures that QP-ON 2.0 and QP-ON 3.0 provide to hard solid surfaces of any other material.


The QP-ON 4.1 Coating is pH neutral, silicone free and comes with anti-static properties. Highly effective protection against strong sunlight and UV-A and UV-B radiation. Does not require the usage of mechanical devices (like polishing machines or other equipment).


  • Boat and Yacht seating

  • Car bumpers, plastic parts, protective parts and applications

  • Hotels and Restaurants: outside seating, exterior furniture

  • Private households: toys and exterior furniture, that are exposed to the sun

  • Bars and Clubs: protection of seating, appliances, furniture

  • Classic cars: seats

  • Motorcycles: plastic parts (protection against direct sunlight)

  • all other kind of plastic parts


Preserves and protects Vinyl and Plastic surfaces, with a matte natural finish. Surfaces look almost like new (depending on age and other factors) and become easier to clean and protect. Long-lasting preservation and investment protection for all kinds of valuable surfaces.

Environmentally friendly: Due to the highly protective coating, less and less cleaning and washing are necessary. Surfaces with QP-ON require less usage of water and other chemical cleaning products. This is a contribution to better protection of the environment and valuable resources like water.

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