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QP-ON X Light Hybrid Ceramic 50ml

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Keeping your car in a tip-top condition is definitely a tedious job. On top of it, regular maintenance can be much tougher, especially if you are responsible to do it yourself. But now there’s nothing to fret over. With our X Light Consumer Ceramic, you can protect your superior possession from the harshness of weather and the environment. A coat so sturdy that it will last for up to 2 years, a finish so sleek that it can beat the tests of the time, and the ease by which you can receive professional results without putting much effort makes X Light indeed a value pick because of its undeniable quality features.

Keeping your car in tip-top condition can be challenging as well a very tedious undertaking. But now there is a product designed for both professionals and end users that is very easy to use and creates that high gloss, hydrophobic and self cleaning effect previously reserved for high line detailing professionals only. QP-ON X Light will deliver up to 2 years of protection with ease of maintenance and that new car appearance after every wash. Can be layered to add more protection to the surface after 1 hour. QP-ON X Light dries in 4 hours so it is ideal for both mobile detailers as well as the DIYer who may be limited on time but desires high quality results.

As with any ceramic coating proper surface preparation is a must, this includes washing to remove dirt and grime, decontaminating to remove embedded impurities and contamination and machine polishing as needed. Using a panel wipe to remove compound residue is always recommended to ensure proper bonding and long lasting results. 

Simply apply QP-ON X Light to microfiber applicator pad and spread evenly onto surface, after 2 minutes QP-ON X Light will flash and is ready to be leveled. Temperature, humidity and air movement on surface will cause faster or slower flashing so being attentive is key. Level coating with clean microfiber towel followed with a second clean microfiber towel to ensure all excess product has been removed. Inspect and check adjacent panels. Step back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

DISCLAIMER: purchase of this product assumes all liability for incorrect use and damages that may be incurred. The user must take all precautions to protect from inhaling fumes as well as avoiding skin contact. The manufacturer limits it's liability to the cost of replacing the product if failure to meet quality standards. 

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